ESRally: Problems cloning tracks git repo

I am attempting to run a rally benchmark from a benchmark coordinator using the configuration described in "Benchmarking a remote cluster" in Operating system is Amazon Linux. Pre-requisite packages installed.

Python version: 3.7
Git version: 2.14.4
ESRally version: 1.0.0

After execution of this command:

esrally --pipeline=benchmark-only --track=http_logs --load-driver-hosts=, --target-hosts=,, --client-options="use_ssl:true,verify_certs:false,basic_auth_user:<hidden>,basic_auth_password:<hidden>"

I received the following:

(\'Could not clone from [] to [/home/ec2-user/.rally/benchmarks/tracks/default]\', None)\n].', None)

I manually cloned this repo and it worked just fine, but after cloning I now receive:

File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/esrally/utils/", line 51, in checkout
raise exceptions.SupplyError("Could not checkout branch [%s]. Do you have uncommitted changes?" % branch)



odd that the initial clone has failed. Your git version seems fine but note that we do not yet test Python 3.7 in our CI. However, I doubt that your issue is related to the Python version.

You can try two things: First, can you please attempt to checkout a different branch?

# to ensure you are not in the repo - we use -C in Rally for that
# mimic Rally's behavior to checkout branch 2
git -C /home/ec2-user/.rally/benchmarks/tracks/default checkout 2
# shows the exit code of the previous command
echo $?

Then, can you please rm -rf /home/ec2-user/.rally/benchmarks/tracks/default and issue the following commands?

# to ensure you are not in the directory to clone
# mimic Rally's clone behavior
git clone /home/ec2-user/.rally/benchmarks/tracks/default
# shows the exit code of the previous command
echo $?

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