Estimated bandwidth for normal operation

Hi all,

I am the new to ELK stack and I would like to calculate the bandwidth for normal operation.

"Based on my understanding, There's a number of consumers of bandwidth in an Elasticsearch cluster. The main two in normal operation will be indexing and search traffic: indexing is putting data into the cluster, and search is getting it out again. These can consume as much or as little bandwidth as you want, they're completely driven by external traffic."

So in my elk cluster, there are 3 master nodes, 4 data nodes, 1 kibana and 6 logstash and my daily ingest log size will be 100GB per day. In my infra, there is only can provide 50 MB bandwidth.

I want to know the estimated calculation bandwidth for 20Gb per day and 100GB per day.
Thank you.

I am not sure that we provide guidance for that as it's contingent upon a bunch of things like shard creation, replication, cluster stability.

Can we calculate the estimated bandwidth for operation? it's like querying and indexing or something like that

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