EventID 4801 and 4800 are not getting visualised in Kibana through Winlogbeat

I have configured the winlogbeat.yml file to take EventID:4801,4800,4624,4625, but when I am checking on Kibana, it is showing me logs of EventID:4625 and 4624. No logs are getting generated for EventId: 4800 and 4801.

I have attached the Kibana visualisation and screenshot of my winlogbeat.yml file.




Which version of Windows are you running?

Do you see those events in Event Viewer?

If so, please share the debug logs of winlogbeat (-d * option)

Hi Adrain,

I am using windows 10. Yeah i am able to see those events in event viewer.
Could you please tell me how to get the debug log?

See the following options:

Use debug log level:

logging.level: debug

And paste your logs or share via private message. Thanks


from past two days I am getting the event logs generated for those EventIDs(4801 and 4800) and are getting visualised in my local machine.

I tried to send it to remote server, and as well as to my local machine. But that event is not getting generated in remote server but coming successfully in my local machine.

Could you tell me why, and what should be done.

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