Ever increasing "kibana_stats.concurrent_connections"

I recently noticed this somewhat strange trend in the Kibana statistics. From what I understand, this number signifies the number of living concurrent connections to Kibana. This is odd since there aren't any more than 5 active connections (via browsers). The number is constantly increasing, however restarting Kibana brings the number back down. Attached is a visualization of "kibana_stats.concurrent_connections".
This hasn't caused a problem yet, but I'm keeping a close eye. Any ideas on why this is happening and if this is normal behaviour?



You're looking at the raw data in the .monitoring-kibana-6-* index, which has accumulating numbers for most fields. What you probably want to see is a derivative of that number, to see how the number of connections is changing from one time bucket to the next.

If you look at the "HTTP Connections" chart in the Monitoring application, you should see a more expected shape of the data.



Thanks for the pointer. The derivate graph does the job. Thanks

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