Exact phrase match with special characters '.' and ':'

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I want to match "command. Id:", exactly in 'Message'.
I have tried this,
"query": {
"match_phrase": {
"Message": {
"query": "command. id:",
"slop": 0
However, this matches "Command ID" and "command ID" as well. How to achieve matching the exact phrase "command. id:". Do I need to create a custom analzyer?

(Thomas Dasch) #2

Hey Santhosh,

Would it be possible for you to show your mappings? If not take a look yourself and see how your Message field is mapped. If it isn't mapped as a keyword or not_analyzed then it is being run through an analyzer. By default text is run through the standard analyzer. Check out this link which explains why a term query, or match_phrase in your case, can fail to match what you intended. Hope this helps!

(Santhosh Irani) #3

Thanks Thomas for quick reply. Message is an analyzed field, hence it is not matching exact phrase.

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