Exception in executing the jdbc query

Hi guru's,

Please help me to solve the issue the as i am facing the exception in executing the jdbc query: The error is as follows:
[WARN ][logstash.inputs.jdbc ] Exception when executing JDBC query {:exception=>#<Sequel::DatabaseError: Java::JavaSql::SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-01722: invalid number

I have taken the select statement as the source for the index creation.but when i run the query in oracle i have got the proper output.But when i try to execute the ingestion command from logstash directory...bin\logstash -f config__.conf got the above error.
please help me to solve the issue.

Thanks in advance,

What does your input configuration look like? What is the SQL statement you are executing?

Hi Badger thanks for the reply.
my input configuration looks simple retrieving the records from oracle database.The sql statement i am executing is:
WHERE column1 BETWEEN :start_value AND :end_value


That would suggest that either start_value or end_value is not a valid number. But I think it is more an Oracle SQL question than a logstash question.

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