Executing Oracle Stored Procedure failed with ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement

input {
   jdbc {
        jdbc_connection_string => "###"
        jdbc_user => "###"
        jdbc_password => "###"
        jdbc_driver_library => "/home/ojdbc6.jar"
        jdbc_driver_class => "Java::oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"
        statement => "call skeleton(TIMESTAMP '2019-01-01 00:00:00')"

I've set above logstash config and it returns with error:

[2019-05-13T09:31:50,766][INFO ][logstash.agent           ] Successfully started Logstash API endpoint {:port=>9600}
[2019-05-13T09:31:52,779][INFO ][logstash.inputs.jdbc     ] (1.087859s) call skeleton(TIMESTAMP '2019-04-01 09:26:50.12')
[2019-05-13T09:31:52,817][WARN ][logstash.inputs.jdbc     ] Exception when executing JDBC query {:exception=>#<Sequel::DatabaseError: Java::JavaSql::SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement

The stored procedure can be executed in Oracle SQL developer tool. Can anyone help with this issue?

The version of Logstash is 6.5.1

Did you try enclosing the query in {}? : "{call.....}"?

Yes, I've tried. Still got such error

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