Exception with TCP ports for Tribe Nodes


I am using following yaml settings for Tribe Node:

node.name: es_tribenode
http.port: 7774
tribe.t0.cluster.name: source_cluster1
tribe.t0.transport.tcp.port: 7709
tribe.t1.cluster.name: source_cluster2
tribe.t1.transport.tcp.port: 7709

Both the source clusters are running with tcp.port = 7709, hence I added
the setting tribe.t0.transport.tcp.port*: 7709* and
tribe.t1.transport.tcp.port*: 7709*, respectively for each cluster. So
that Tribe Node can connect to source cluster nodes over 7709.

But the problem arises when ES creates individual internal nodes for both

First internal node (es_tribenode/t0) is bound to 7709 port.

And when ES tries to create Second internal node (es_tribenode/t1) , it
fails with bind exception. Because it tries to bind 7709 port to Second
internal node. And this port is already taken by First internal node.
org.elasticsearch.transport.BindTransportException: Failed to
bind to [7709]

My question is that, is there any way to control ports of internal nodes
via yml settings ? (without changing source cluster ports so that source
clusters keep running on the same port)


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