Exclamation triangles intermittently in Canvas - looks like ES problem

I asked this in the Canvas forum and was advised to ask here instead..

Canvas Forum Question

I routinely get a few exclamation triangles in my canvas display.


As in Tim's final request for clarification:
a/ have you tried recreating the issue outside of Canvas?
b/ Do you notice any elasticsearch queries failing intermittently elsewhere?

Especially b/. Anything in application monitoring, APM-type monitoring, anything that allows you to detect other intermittent query failures except in your canvas viz? Or is the viz the only thing you're using this cluster for?

I only use elasticsearch for this one application. I have not tried recreating the issue outside of Canvas. I only use Canvas. This Canvas application is what I need to have work.

I've tried reducing the frequency of sending data to elasticsearch but that doesn't seem to help. I also start a new index each month and I don't see an improvement at the start of the month.


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