Exclude by other field

i have one question. I have a register for example like this:

AAAA 2015 YES 7
BBBB 2016 NO 15
AAAA 2015 NO 7
ccccc 2016 YES 10

I want to do a chart where the agregation field is the sum of people, x-axis is the year and i want split series by department. Now the question, can i exclude in the split series the field No of recordable? in this example only i want to plot the first department AAAA and the ccccc department. In the dashboard i cant insert a filter of recordable

Hey @ilanas, the Dashboard application can add filters for any fields that are defined in your index-pattern. Would you mind elaborating upon "I can't insert a filter of recordable"? Have you tried refreshing your index-pattern by going to Management -> Index Patterns, selecting the appropriate index pattern, and then clicking the 'refresh' button highlighted below:

When I say that I can not create a filter with recordable is not because the tool does not leave me, but because I want to have two graphics in a dashboard in one graphic when I filter by aaaa that shows me all data and in the other only those that are recordable yes. That's why I want to exclude in a graph the series of departments that recordable is no.

Now do you understand me? Thank you

Hey @ilanas, I'm with you now. If you edit the visualization itself, you can add a filter to the visualization which will apply only to that visualization, instead of the whole Dashboard.

Thanks, i try it

trying it i show a problem, if is any department only have no in recordable field, in the first chart is ok but in the second appears not result found. So this not work fine to me. is there any option to exclude in the second chart any option of the filter? for example if i don't plot the department aaaa but if i filter by aaaa the second chart doesn't change?

Hey @ilanas, would you mind posting a screenshot to illustrate what you're seeing?

Sorry but i can't post any real data here.

I will try to say it clearly the objective that I have in case you can find me a solution. I have created a sql that collects my data. there appears data of department, year, group, and people. then I make a union with 'All'. In this way, in the first graph where x is year, the aggregate is the sum of the person and I make a split by department, all departments with their respective people are shown per year. to this the department is added all to compare. In a second graphic it is the same but instead of split series by department it is by group. In this case, if I do not filter for anything, the data of each group is duplicated because the corresponding amount of the all is added to the sum. I want to be able to tell you in some way that I exclude the all in the second graph but that if I filter by all in the control I do not leave it result no found


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