Exclude Include options syntax in Kibana visualization

I am creating a visualization. On x-axis I am doing a terms aggregation.

What is the right way for provide a series of values to be included.

This works.

This does not.

As per the documentation, a series of terms should have worked.

" For matching based on exact values the include and exclude parameters can simply take an array of strings that represent the terms as they are found in the index:"

"ActiveCarManufacturers" : {
         "terms" : {
             "field" : "make",
             "exclude" : ["rover", "jensen"]

I tried with:

Still no luck.

Hi pk.241011,

don't worry about brackets and quotes, if you're using kibana you just have to type your list and separate with the character "|".


Hey thanks a lot. It works !!!
Where is this documented?

To be honest I dont know ^^ I just tried differents syntax and it react to caracters used in logic gates like | or &, without quote.

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