Exclude Multiple Patterns in Kibana Visualisation using wildcards


How do I exclude multiple terms from Kibana 5.3.2 visualisation?

I am trying to get the top 10 email recipients by message count and I need to exclude certain system accounts. If I use a single exclude Exclaimer.* it excludes that email address, however Exclaimer., Inboundproxy. excludes nothing?

So, what is the correct syntax for excluding multiple patterns using wildcards?


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Use NOT.

NOT email_address_field: (*@yourdomain1.com OR *@yourdomain2.com)

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Thanks, Sjaak. Surely if I put NOT in the exclude field it becomes a double negative:

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You can put it in the search bar at the top to totally exclude the unwanted emails from the data you're basing your visualization on.

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