Exec commands via usage of child_process


this might be a kind of strange problem to be solved, but I'm trying to execute a shell-script on my kibana-host-server out of the kibana interface. To approach this for example and to make it simple, lets say every time the "about" page is opened (Kibana->Settings->About), a simple shell script should be started. (and add +1 to a counter or whatever within the script).
I tried the "obvious" way and simply added
var child_process = require('child_process');
on top of the index.js from the directory /src/plugins/kibana/public/settings/sections/about, to be able to execute commands later on with child_process.exec('sh counter.sh', function (err, stdout, stderr){}....
As soon as the dev server is started, this error shows up: Module not found: Error: Cannot resolve module 'child_process' (with information about the path of the file above)
Why is there a problem with including this module? - How to make it work?
What other approaches could be possible to make the execution of a shell script out of the kibana interface work?

Thanks a lot for help/information/new input!

Let's take a step back here. What are you trying to accomplish, i.e. what problem are you trying to solve by running a program every time the About page is loaded?

The general goal I'm trying to accomplish is to execute shell commands - on the host - out of the kibana interface. Not more, not less.

The approach/usecase with the About page was choosen by me only to get a grip on a solution with very simple circumstances and without the risk of damaging anything "important" at first.