Exiting: data path already locked by another beat

Hi, i am new to Elasticstack and am trying to configure filebeat to send logs to logstash-7.6.0. When running ./filebeat -e -c filebeat.yml -d "publish"
i am recieving
Exiting: data path already locked by another beat.
I am using basic configuration


  • type: log
    enabled: true

hosts: ["localhost:5044"]

Any help would be appreciated

Hi @artherdent,

Welcome to the Elastic community forums!

Do you have another instance of Filebeat running on the same host? Or did you perhaps start a Filebeat instance in the past that somehow got killed abruptly?



Hi, thank you, that must have been the issue, restarted everything and all good.

We have just installed filebeat 7.6.1 on a new server and only have one filebeat instance running along with metricbeat and packetbeat. We are also experiencing this issue and have not been able to resolve it.


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