Expandable tree view in Data table


Hi, I have a field called ID with levels in it.

Example of an ID value: AcBo5w.VxMGCA.Z1PANA ( 3 levels)

How can I see the data in an tree view starting with the first level (AcBo5w) and then drilling down to the second level (VxMGCA), etc?

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Kibana does not support nested object documents currently, but there is a workaround which is to denormalize your data before indexing.

You might get some value from looking into the discussion on this post: https://discuss.elastic.co/t/getting-around-kibanas-missing-support-for-nested-objects-parent-child/


Thanks for the answer. I started reading the mentioned post, but I'm not sure it's related.

Let's say I have 3 objects with multiple different fields.

  • One with ID: AcBo5w
  • One with ID: AcBo5w.VxMGCA
  • One with ID: AcBo5w.VxMGCA.Z1PANA

Now I'm seeing the data in 3 separate lines (using the visualization "Data table"), but I only want to see the parent (AcBo5w) and be able to drill down to see the other ones (like a tree view).

In other words, I want to regroup the data by ID (same first 6 characters) in a visualization. Is this possible?

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Kibana doesn't have any feature to click to drill down into further details for data.

There is an enhancement request open to do something like this: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/4439

That might not be what you are looking for either, that's a little bit more about going from a high-level aggregation and drilling into the details of the documents that make up the aggregation.

I think you would have to find a way to denormalize your data into different fields so you can have different visualizations per "level" in order to navigate your data in Kibana.

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