Expanding a visualization from the dashboard gives fatal error

I have a dashboard which uses visualisations from different index patterns but when i try to expand a visualisation it gives me a fatal error. i have narrowed the reason for it, my dashboard has a coordinate map visualisation if i remove it from my dashboard expanding visualisations work as expected but when the map is part of my dashboard expanding visualisations gives fatal error.

Screenshot is attached for the fatal error

Hi, would you mind filing a Github issue with any additional details about the map visualization for this error? https://github.com/elastic/kibana

We have seen similar errors before, but not for this use case.

Thanks in advance!

Yeah i will do that but do you happen to have any workarounds for the similar issues which you have observed. Maybe i can try one of them and keep my thing going. Also is there a way to disable the option to expand a visualisation in the dashboard??

Thanks in advance

You might want to try playing around with adjusting the zoom level of the visualization. There is no way to disable the expand option.

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