Experiences with Logstash Redis spiped

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does anybody have some knowledge regarding the abovementioned subject?
My setup is the following:

Filebeat/Syslog --> Logstash(A) --> RabbitMQ --> |Firewall| --> Logstash(B) --> Elasticsearch <-- Kibana

I'd like to replace RabbitMQ by Redis. Unfortunately Redis has no encryption. Thus I want to use spiped. There is just one speciality. The connection must be initiated by Logstash(B).

Is it possible to fulfill these requirements with Logstash?

Filebeat/Syslog --> Logstash(A) --> Redis (spiped)--> |Firewall| --> Logstash(B) --> Elasticsearch <-- Kibana

Thank you in advance.

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Based on the information you've given I suppose this should work, but do you have any specific concerns?

Where does Logstash (B) know that it is suppose to use spiped? There is no input module.

Configure Logstash to connect to the local spiped daemon which is wired to connect to the spiped daemon on the Redis server, which in turn is wired to the Redis daemon on the same machine.

Logstash (B) -> spiped (B) -> spiped (A) -> Redis (A)

In theory it's simple, tough you need two redis instances on both sides.

Unfortunately my config doesn't functions and I wont continue on this redis setup.
I found another solution with Apache Kafka.

Thank's anyway!

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