Experimental Visualizations lack a query bar

Recently, I added a trial license to elastic, and since then, it seems that all experimental visualizations are suddenly lacking the ability to filter based on the query bar. The query bar itself is missing. This is so odd. I am on 6.3.0 of elastic and kibana. Here is what the top of all experimental visualizations look like:

Whereas the non-experimental visualizations behave as normal:

Was there a note I missed in the release notes? Any advice on what to do in this situation? It makes Vegas %context%: true pretty meaningless.


Hey @tadgh, we removed this in 6.3.0 because the filter in the query bar wasn't saved with the Vega visualization. This will be added back in 6.4.0 since Vega is dynamically adding filters itself, even though it isn't persisting them when the Visualization is saved.

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Ah gotcha. I don't mind that it was removed necessarily.... it just woulda been nice to not be blindsided by it. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere in these release notes, but its possible I just didn't understand the verbiage? Also, this seems to apply to all experimental visualizations, not just Vega. Thanks for the response!


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