Explain me what is all wrong in Devtool?

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I upload lots of data in my els cluster.

When i display indice in kibana (GET indices) i find anormal result no ?

It's normal for you ? :

green open cra-2017.08.14 eu_NMngAQrmySQVz7_XWqA 3 1 690924 173436 295.5mb 147.2mb

So, that means Els have stored 690 924 lines and deleted 173 436 ??!!

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It's seems when i delete field "message" in logstash conf, This increments the counter of deleted rows on kibana

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I moved your post to Elasticsearch channel since this is about the data reported by Elasticsearch.

Can you describe the exact steps you took to delete field "message" ? Maybe attach your logstash.conf. I would think that changing your logstash.conf only impacts new docs added to Elasticsearch and doesn't do any deletes.


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It looks like you have either deleted and/or updated documents in the index, as both these actions would cause the deleted counter to be incremented. Are you letting Elasticsearch assign document ids, or do you set there in the indexing pipeline?

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Ok thank you all

I delete message field so, i see it's a counter, not the total lines.

It's all good :slight_smile:

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