Explain Result Output: Nested Level of Description with Weight or ConstantScore(BooleanFilter


I am parsing Elasticsearch explain output. I am trying to find out how deep
can be be the first relevant description as part of value, description,
details combination. I am trying to parse descriptions that have either
"weight" or "CustomScore".

As I could not find a Json parser that has XPath like functionality in
finding sibling nodes (say I found a description node because matched on
string "weight(" then I want to collect the "value" which is sibling node)
I am relying on recursion. I have seen a description with "weight" or
"CustomScore" to be 5 levels deep, from the first value, description,
details combination. this is ok by me. I was wondering if it ever goes to
higher magnitutes say 10, 20 or 30.



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