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how can i update automatically the Canvas Embed Snapshot (canvas-embed-workpad) for the Share on a Website feature?

I just can get the canvas-workpad with the export objects API and not the canvas-embed-workpad.
The Share should be updated every day, but not in real time.

Now my only way to get the canvas-embed-workpad is manually from the Button in Kibana, shown in the red circle of the attached picture.

Thank you

Hi Michael,

Can you please try and see if you can observe network traffic in the Dev Tools of the browser? Clicking on the "Download workpad" may result a specific HTTP request, which then you might be able to use via curl or similar. I realize it's not a stable API but may fit the bill with appropriate caution around upgrades until this becomes a feature.

For this latter to happen, could you please file a Feature Request issue in the Kibana repo or find such a preexisting issue and like it? In either case, please add the gh link here too

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Thank you for your Reply Robert,

I couldn't find a HTTP request for this Button. The Button activates the javascript:

The Code is shown in this picture:

So I will file a Feature Request in gh.

The Gh Request:

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