Export elastic logs to an external syslog

Hello, I have a setup with elasticsearch + kibana + elasticagent and logstash.

I am ingesting CloudFlare logs and I need to sent this logs through syslog for another internal host I have.

I have installed the logstash Syslog output plugin (Syslog output plugin | Logstash Reference [8.14] | Elastic), but I did not find a way to make it works.

There is anyone who make it works and could share the steps?


How did you configure the logstash pipeline and what didn't work?

Also, what is ingestion flow?

Elastic Agent with Cloudflare integration -> Logstash -> Elasticsearch?

I just installed it, i am looking for a guideline to make it work

Yes it is like that, i am using a default cloudflare logpush integration.