Export to PDF option missing from dashboards

Hi team,

I have a Kibana instance w/ a platinum license and when I'm under Dashboards and I go to the share menu I don't see the option to export to PDF.


I have tried enabling xpack.reporting.enabled: true on the kibana.yml but had no luck. The export to PDF option only shows up when I go to Canvas.

What am I missing?



FYI, the user has the reporting role enabled

What version?

Did you click on the permalinks?

If you log in with the elastic user do you see it?

7.9.2 and yes I have clicked over the link. My reporting role shows this ... is this correct?

I suggest you read this section Here

Users will also need the appropriate Kibana privileges to access the objects to report on and the Elasticsearch indices.

I would first try the elastic user then follow the docs if you are trying to create a Read Only Reporting Role which I think may be what you are trying to accomplish

Got it, thanks!

disregard, false alarm. Found a CSS issue. Though, thanks @stephenb for your help



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glad you got it working....
And Ohh BTW we are not all guys :slight_smile:

You are absolutely, right. Sorry about that, I was rushing to get my question out and I didn't take the time to think about how I was approaching the Elastic team. I have edited and corrected my initial post :slight_smile:

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FYI if you have a Platinum license then you can also contact Elastic Support for any question :slight_smile:

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