Exporting snapshot for security and hot backup

Hello !

I have 2 question :

  • I know that snapshot and restore is the best way to backup an elasticsearch cluster, but since my ES is running inside a docker container which have a named volume, is it possible to backup this volume without stopping my ES container ? (i.e. is hot backup supported on ES ? )

  • Is it possible to export (or download) the snapshot created in ES in order to store it somewhere else ? From what I saw, the snapshot seems to be stored in .dat file and maybe in the indices/ folder but is it possible to export it as a tar archive maybe ? And will it be a problem when I try to restore it ?

Thanks !

In recent versions it is the only suppoted way to back up your Elasticsearch cluster.

Snapshots require external shared storage e.g. NFS volume or S3.

Thank you for the (very) fast answer @Christian_Dahlqvist !

From what I saw on Kibana, I only have 2 choices :

  • the read-only url, since it's read only I suppose I can't export snapshots with it ?
  • the shared file system which I tried to use but only seems to store the snapshot in the path I choose, which is a local solution

Which one should I use ? Am I doing something wrong ?

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