Expose a specific dasboard behind a static URL through Apache/Nginx proxy

Hi all,
we have a Kibana 5.5.2 installation with many Dasboards configured, all works great connecting to IP:5601.

A customer asked us to let his own dasboard be reachable under a specific hostname. We tried a lot of configurations trough Apache and Nginx proxy but we didn't succeed.

Here you are more details:

  • customer wants to go to something like http://dasboard.customer.com and see the dashboard in embedded mode (full screen). The url must stay "static" (no context or values appended behind .com)

  • we configured Apache to proxy this Virtual Host towards the specific "snapshot short url" given by Kibana (the one with the /goto/some-alphanumeric-code context), but we get lots of Kibana errors or 404 (maybe a lot of resorces get lots and not remapped with that kind of proxyPass)

    ProxyPass / nocanon

Could someone give us any tip or example? Ask me if you need extra infos.
Thanks a lot!

I would honestly serve dashboard.customer.com a simple HTML page with an IFRAME of the dashboard. You then can have Kibana under whatever domain/path you wish.

    body {
      margin: 0;

    iframe {
      max-width: 100%;
      width: 100%;
      height: 100%;
      overflow: hidden;
      border: none;
      margin: auto;

Thanks a lot, in the end I used your suggestion.
I simply put that html code in /var/www/html/index.html. I used the shorten link as src https://localhost:5601/goto/59a0cd9d5b20600031114818b6ac0dd5?embed=true , but I assume it's not relevant.

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