External Elasticsearch and Cluster Priviliges

Hello Elasticsearch Community,

this might be a stupid question, but I can't seem to find the answer by my self.
I set up a Nextcloud on an apache2 Webspace. Then I wanted to configure the fulltextsearch, for that I need the ES instance. I installed ES on a new VM and after setting up I tried to connect em via a specific User. The Problem is if I don't give the role this user has the rights to access the cluster via cluster privileges. Nextcloud just prompts BadRequest. If I give the role cluster privileges, for example "monitor" it runs smoothly. That can't be right can it?

English isn't my primary language, I apologize in advance for any weird phrasing.


How did you try that? What commands did you run?

Via GUI on the Nextcloud Server
It asks for an Host, User/Password and a destination Port.
and a index on my ES Cluster.

So probably nextcloud is sending some cluster level requests when connecting to elasticsearch ?

Well I am really embarrassed that I haven't thought about that, I will check it out and update you when I find something.
Thanks for the advice.

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