External Source used for Scoring - Need Plugin Start

Hey All,
I know we can use a plugin to get started in ES, every once in awhile
load values for a key in our es index, and then use these values when
running the scoring of a query run against the documents.

Not really sure what plugin start base we need to do with this.

To give the basics, we would have
1 - about 400k documents per day, that every 5 minutes, for each document,
we have a new updated ranking value for the document
2 - we don't want to update es every 5 minutes for every document, because
that causes too many updates per doc, just for 1 field change
3 - we think a plugin could work, where the plugin gets the updates and
stores locally for that day's documents the docId + it's updated rank score
4 - run a custom scoring function that runs a query+custom score and the
custom score utilizes the rank score, by looking up the doc's docId during
the scoring process

Anyone have a good plugin starting place that would be loaded once on the
es side, so it can just do periodic updates to it's rank scores
and also be used to help the scoring function with that data when running a
query against the es servers?


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