Extra Volume attached to elasticsearch but not not able to use

I have attached 50 gb of volume to the ec2 instance of ecs in which elasticsearch service is running.But after running GET /_cat/allocation?v in elasticsearch
shards disk.indices disk.used disk.avail disk.total disk.percent
10 41.3mb 4.7gb 25.2gb 29.9gb 15 .It is showing only default 30 Gb which is attached to instance. we got these but when I am doing df -h the volume is showing attached.how to do it .The image I have attached below.
Screenshot from 2023-11-06 15-41-19


This is an infrastructure question, it is unrelated to Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch per default will use the data path of /var/lib/elasticsearch, this data path is present on your mount point /, which has 30 GB.

Adding a new volume will not change this, you need to increase this mount point or move the data to the new mount point.

I suggest that you look at StackOverflow on how to do those things as this forum is for question about Elastic Stack.

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