Extract a string from logstash path

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Hi Everyone,

I am using logstash to send raw data ELK. Logstash config input section reads as:
input {
file {
path => [ "D:/apache-jmeter-3.3/bin/Booking_Stress_Test.csv"]
start_position => "beginning"

Now, in Kibana, this path i.e. "D:/apache-jmeter-3.3/bin/Booking_Stress_Test.csv" is shown under the "path.keyword" field.

I can pull the entire path using Data Table Visualization. But I want to extract just the test name instead of entire path.

In this case, I want to extract and show sub-string "Booking_Stress_Test" only. Do I need to use JSON Input formatting? Any assistance is highly appreciated!

Many Thanks,

(Kurt Schraeyen) #2

In Logstash, you could apply the grok filter on the path field to extract the filename. If I remember correctly there are patterns for files and paths in de default grok patterns.

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Hi Kurt,

Thanks for the quick response! Where in logstash should I use grok? And how it will show on Kibana Dashboard?

(Kurt Schraeyen) #4

In the filter section.

filter {
grok {
match => { "path" => " your pattern here" }

More info on how to do this can be found in the documentation:

(Ashish) #5

Hi Kurt, Thanks!

earlier I couldn't get your solution but yeah now I understand bit of grok and how it works. Many thanks for your response and solving the issue.

One more thing, I see grok extracts everything that matches the pattern. Would have been great if we can extract the group(s).

path => [ "D:/apache-jmeter-3.3/bin/PerfTest_ModuleName_1_1219.csv"]

grok {
match => ["path", "(?/(\w*).)"]

grok output : "/PerfTest_ModuleName_1_1219."
But I was expecting the string from group, by group I mean text enclosed in ( ). i.e. PerfTest_ModuleName_1_1219.

Something similar to left, right boundaries.


(Kurt Schraeyen) #6

I think this pattern should work to match what you look for in the field "group"

grok {
match => ["path", "/%{WORD:group}.csv$"]

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