Extract a substring from field


I would extract a substring from field for example

I have this field

type=USER_AUTH msg=audit(155558731.704:1977444): pid=126 uid=0 auid=42949672915 ses=42945 msg='op=PAM:authentication grantors=pam_unix acct="rodrigo.adsa" exe="/usr/sbin/sshd" hostname=baseserver addr= terminal=ssh res=success

I would to create SUB field for exemple

@acct "rodrigo.adsa"
@hostname baseserver

I know that it's possible made this from "script field" and also with GROK INGEST
Which is the best solution
How I can do this?

The best solution is to do this at ingest as it will be less resource intensive. I recommend asking in the Logstash forums as they have more expertise on this.

Yes I know but i've used a Elasticsearch service on AWS, so I put data into elastic cluster with lamba function, so i prefer for now to use script field. is it possible?

Yes, you probably want to go with ingest pipeline then

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