Extract data with Logstash and Xpath

Hi ,
I want to extract data (timestamp and message) via Xpath plugin in Logstash from XML files to display only them in fields in kibana.

here is my LOGSTASH conf :

input {
beats {
port => 5044
target => "doc"
store_xml => false
source => "message"
xpath =>
["/E2ETraceEvent/System/EventID/@EventID", "event_id",
"/E2ETraceEvent/System/Type/@Type", "type",
"/E2ETraceEvent/System/SubType/@SubType", "name",
"/E2ETraceEvent/System/Level/@Level", "level",
"/E2ETraceEvent/System/TimeCreated/@TimeCreated", "time"]
output {
stdout { codec => rubydebug }
elasticsearch {
hosts => ""
manage_template => false
index => "t11-%{+YYYY.MM}"
in my conf I'm tryig to parse only couple of columns because of the complexity of log, I need to parse all the log data.

I'm on it couple of day and i don't get any errors on logstash log or filebeat but no data inserted into ELASTIC.

can someone help me to understand how to work it out?

Thanks in advance.

That is not XML. Can you post the XML between line contains three backticks, like this: ```


To pull out the value of individual nodes, use

xpath => { "/E2ETraceEvent/System/EventID/text()" => "event_id" }

If you do that, you may also want to

if [event_id] { mutate { replace => { "event_id" => "%{[event_id][0]}" } } }

However, if you want to parse all of the xml, use

store_xml => true target => "someField"

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