Extract fields from kibana logs

I have the Status Code in log field only on kibana logs which I want to extract.
Is there any way in which we can parse the log field from Kibana itself?

"2021-03-08 06:16:16.631  INFO ; Status_Code=200; Response_Body={sometext};\n"



Are you ingesting these logs with another tool, and index each log line as a document into Elasticsearch?

Reading out Status_Code=XXX should be possible with the grok filter from logstash Grok filter plugin | Logstash Reference [7.11] | Elastic . You would just look for the Status_Code={code} pattern.

Can this be done once the logs are already in kibana dev tools though?

@aagarwal3 no, using grok is something you would do at ingest time. Apart from logstch, you could also use the grok-processor: Grok processor | Elasticsearch Reference [master] | Elastic This would be the preferred solution.

To do this at runtime, you can look to write a scripted-field, and use the Painless-programming language to parse out that status-code. Scripted fields | Kibana Guide [7.11] | Elastic

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