Extremely long time to create/delete alias

Currently using ES 1.0.1 with 3 masters, 4 data nodes, and 2 "query" (REST
endpoints) nodes.

  1. We are using aliases to apply routing to our queries
  2. We have multiple "ingesting applications", each supporting a
    different index (currently 10)
    • Each uses NodeClient to connect to the ES cluster
    1. Each index has the same number of aliases (prefix matches index,
      suffix is identifier) - around 2000
  3. Our environment ends up triggering large numbers (>20) of alias
    • Each "ingesting application" creates/deletes the aliases linearly
    1. Observed by logging and profiling, it takes up to 15 seconds for
      an alias to be created

Is this expected? Are we expecting too much from this particular operation?
Is there some thread/queue somewhere that can be tweaked?


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