Extremely regular "took" spiking

I'm logging the took value that's returned from Elasticsearch, and I've noticed that there's an extremely regular pattern to how it's spiking (every 5 minutes, almost exactly).

I'm using Elasticsearch 6.4.2 and my client is NEST 6.3.1 in .NET. I've glanced at our search logs and haven't noticed any pattern behind the searches that are being made that could explain this regular spiking. Does a pattern like this indicate anything in particular?

Does this correspond to peaks in CPU usage or disk utilization? Does this correspond with e.g. some periodic Curator job or a refresh interval?

It does not appear to correlate with CPU or disk utilization spikes. I have a regular indexing job that runs at 10 minute intervals.

One interesting twist that I've noticed is that it's only one of my queries (I have a few different "flavors" of search query, this one corresponds to our "full search" experience). Could it be that something in my query could cause spiking? I'm using lots of aggregations, for example.

Yes, that could certainly have an impact.

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