Facing Issues while Installing Elastic-Search

:white_check_mark: Elasticsearch security features have been automatically configured!
:white_check_mark: Authentication is enabled and cluster connections are encrypted.

:x: Unable to auto-generate the password for the elastic built-in superuser.

:information_source: HTTP CA certificate SHA-256 fingerprint:

:x: Unable to generate an enrollment token for Kibana instances, try invoking bin/elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token -s kibana.

:information_source: Configure other nodes to join this cluster:
• On this node:
⁃ Create an enrollment token with bin/elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token -s node.
⁃ Uncomment the transport.host setting at the end of config/elasticsearch.yml.
⁃ Restart Elasticsearch.
• On other nodes:
⁃ Start Elasticsearch with bin/elasticsearch --enrollment-token <token>, using the enrollment token that you generated.

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