Facing timeout issue while executing chaneg alises command


We are using elastic search for searching data. Initially we create index along with 2 aliases read/write. And we are creating incremental index and while creating new index we are changing aliases, we are deleting write aliases from previous index and adding write aliases to new index with following way.

POST /aliases { "actions" : [ { "remove" : { "index" : "old_index", "alias" : "write" } }, { "add" : { "index" : "newindex", "alias" : "write" } } ] }

But we observed while changing aliases our cluster status goes to Yellow/Red and change aliases call taking time or sometime it gets timeout. I tried to increase timeout but still it is not working. We used JestClient to do all operation on elasticsearch.

How many indices and aliases do you have in the cluster? Which version of Elasticsearch are you using? How many nodes do you have?