Failed opening... too many open files


I'd like to send my logfiles (about 5000 files) from a syslog server but I get error messages like this:

/usr/bin/filebeat[8209]: log.go:197: Failed opening /var/log/remote/cts/daemon.log: open /var/log/remote/cts/daemon.log: too many open files

Is it possible to increase the number of files somehow?

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This sounds more like a limitation of your operating system then filebeat. What is the current setting of maximum open files on your OS? Try the "ulimit -n" command to see the limit per process.

Thank you for your help. I wanted to answer my question but you were faster. :slight_smile:
What tricked me is that for root the file limit was 200000 but the daemon (no matter it runs as root)...

Excuse me but, I have 1600 files only :confused:

Sum of lines : 55 000 000

I haven't more of 65 000 files open so i don't understand why this problem !

Could you indicate me where i can configure this options of limit ?

I run under root too

Please open a new issue for your problem and provide as much detail as you cam.

Why open new issue ? This isn't resolved .....

@Beuhlet_Reseau The previous thread was resolved and is a year old one. We prefer to have new questions in a new thread. I'm going to close this one.