Filebeat too many open files Error

(Sumantha Kannantha) #1

I have installed latest version of filebeat (Version: 1.2.0). I am getting below error in /var/log/messages

/usr/bin/filebeat[22662]: log.go:103: Stop Harvesting. Unexpected file opening error: open /opt/mount1/sa-stats/log/filepuller/rolloverlogs/filepuller-20160402060412.log: too many open files

Even after increasing FD limits using command sysctl -w fs.file-max=100000 I am facing same error

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

How many files match the filename patterns you have specified?

(Sumantha Kannantha) #3

Thanks for your help. This issue got solved after setting process limit (ulimit -n 50000) in service script.

(system) #4