Failed shards remain unassigned

I have set up elasticsearch 0.90.2 on 4 linux VMs (ny01, ny02, nj01, nj02).
There are 4 shards and 3 replicas for each (each node should have all 4
shards). There is one index (we'll call it my_index). Settings that we have
modified from the defaults: false
discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: 3
cluster.routing.allocation.awareness.attributes: datacenter

Today I noticed that nj01 had lost 2 shards and nj02 had lost 1 shard.
Looking at the logs, I see that after some disconnects around 2013-08-04
07:00, ny01 tried to send the cluster state to all nodes. It looks like the
correct cluster state was never fully recovered and these 3 shards remain
unassigned. This is the logging from nj01 starting at that time.

Any suggestions how to debug why the full state was not recovered?

I have pasted the logs during that time from one of the problematic nodes
(nj01) and from the master node at the time (ny01):

I can post additional information if needed.


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