Failed to add 2nd ECE VM to cluster

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I ran int the following issue adding a 2nd server to my ECE Cluster (v 1.01)

Error: Can't connect COORDINATOR_HOST [AH-ECE-POC01:2112]: Connection refused

bash: ./ --availability-zone "Auburn_Hills-02" --coordinator-host AH-ECE-POC01 --roles-token 'eyJ0e...truncated for post....7x3xrE-_w' --debug

There is no firewall between servers, both are on the same subnet, and can ping each other.
I verifed server 1 is running and I can access the ECE site.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

(Alex Piggott) #2

Hi @Matthew_Bailey

Sorry that you're running into problems

It looks like one of two things is happening:

  • The co-ordinator host isn't working properly (this would be bad)
  • Port 2112 is firewalled off by port

If the 1 host install appears to be working then the first is unlikely, that would be a catastrophic failure.

To confirm you could login to AH-ECE-POC01 and telnet AH-ECE-POC01 2112 to check it's accessible locally. If it works you'll get Escape character is '^]'.

Here's a couple of other commands you can run on the co-ordinator host:

[elastic@ip-192-168-44-10 ~]$ docker ps | grep 2112
4e7aa29e6f69   "/sbin/my_init"          13 days ago         Up 13 days>2112/tcp                                                                                 frc-directors-director
[elastic@ip-192-168-44-10 ~]$ netstat -nap | grep 2112
(Not all processes could be identified, non-owned process info
 will not be shown, you would have to be root to see it all.)
tcp6       0      0 :::2112                 :::*                    LISTEN      -                   

Assuming it is, you can then confirm there is a connectivity issue by logging onto the 2nd server and trying the same telnet command. If that fails (but ping works) then it must be firewall/iptables problem


(Matthew Bailey) #3

It turns out the cordinator host wasn't working correctly. The solution was to uninstall ECE on both servers (cordinator host and new host) and reinstall.

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