Can't connect coordinator_host

Please find the below error while adding the 2nd node to the elastic cloud enterprise:

Elastic Cloud Enterprise Installer

Install Elastic Cloud Enterprise on this host to add its resources to an existing installation.
After installation is complete, the host becomes a runner that you can assign a role to in the Cloud UI.
To learn more about the options you can specify, see the documentation.

-- Verifying Prerequisites --
Checking host storage path... PASSED
Checking docker version... PASSED
Checking internal ip connectivity... PASSED
Checking coordinator connectivity... FAILED
Can't connect COORDINATOR_HOST []: Host is unreachable
Checking OS settings... PASSED
Checking OS kernel version... PASSED
Checking Minimum required memory... PASSED
Checking Kernel cgroup.memory setting... PASSED

  • OS setting 'cgroup.memory' should be set to cgroup.memory=nokmem
Errors have caused Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation to fail
Some of the prerequisites failed: [coordinator connectivity], please fix before continuing

Hi Syed

Which Docker version are you using? if 1.12, you should follow the
directions in our prerequisities and disable kmem accounting at OS boot
time. See here for more details:


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