Failed to close alert(s)


Im using version 8.5.1 and since 25.09 around 12pm European time, im not able to close alerts or mark it as acknowledge. It returns an empty error message:

The upload feature doesn't work so I cannot put a screenshot here. But the message basically say:
Failed to close alert(s). and when clicking to see the full error I see: ""

Does someone have a similar issue ? Any idea on how to fix it ?

Hi @IsItPossible,

Can you see any errors in the Kibana logs around that time at all?

I don't have the hand on the Kibana server, but I've seen a internal server error 500. After seeing the alert errors, the machine learning jobs stopped working and then 1 hour later everything went back to normal...
Ive contacted the partner im working with in order for him to investigate the server error logs.

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No worries at all @IsItPossible! Let us know if you figure out the issue and if there is an error in the logs.

The information cited makes it difficult to understand the problem. Would it be possible to send some evidence such as logs or images?

Another possibility is to check the consistency of your elasticsearch cluster to see if there are any problems in the index used to store detection alerts.

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