Failed to connect logstash

Hi ,
Filebeat is not able to send data to logstash server , I am getting below error from filebeat.log file

Failed to connect: Get http://.20..70:5044: read tcp 20..62:35480-> .20..70:5044: read: connection reset by peer"

telnet to 5044 works fine
firewall is off on both machines.
selinux is disabled.

Can you someone suggest how to trouble shoot this?

The connection is established, but eventually closed by Logstash or the machine Logstash runs on. When Filebeat tries to publish it get a 'TCP RST' package notifying it the connection has actually been closed.

Which Logstash/Filebeat versions are you using?

Is there a chance filebeat didn't send any data for a "long" time?

Normally filebeat tries to reconnect. No events are dropped.

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