Failed to monitor mongo cluster

I have multiple hosts specified in hosts like this hosts: ["ip1:port1", "ip2:port1"].

But metricbeats showing error like this. How can i configure it to work correctly
fetching data for metricset mongodb.dbstats: could not create mongodb client: could not create mongodb client: a direct connection cannot be made if multiple hosts are specified li

Hey @Maksym_Postument, what version of Metricbeat are you using?

I was looking to the code and found that there may be a regression in 8.3 for these cases where multiple hosts are configured. I have opened an issue for investigation: MongoDB metricsets incorrectly handling multiple hosts · Issue #32188 · elastic/beats · GitHub

Hello, i i am using version 8.3.0

Were you upgrading from a previous version of Metricbeat? Did it work for you then?

Last when i tested 8.2.3 it was working correctly

Ok, this would confirm that this is a regression in 8.3. Thanks!

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