Failed to parse role mappings file

Hi I have added

  • "cn=user,dc=xyz,dc=com"
    in role_mapping.yml

but i am getting error in elasticsearch.log saying "failed to parse role mappings file [D:\kibana\elasticsearch-5.2.2\elasticsearch-5.2.2\config\x-pack\role_mapping.yml]. skipping/removing all mappings..."
i can login my AD user through kibana interface. but when mapping the user to a role it wont work.
Please Help.

Usually there will be additional details after that error message that explain why the file could not be parsed.

What is in your log file immediately after that error?

this is the message after that
"org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchParseException: null-valued setting found for key [superuser] found at line number [24], column number [14]"

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