Failed to start elastic search


Good day.

Can you help me with my problem with elastic search?

Currently, i am building a Wazuh siem that uses elastic search functions.

As I checked, Filebeat, kibana services are running. But the elasticsearch service is not running.

I already stop and restart the elasticsearch service and reboot the VM.

But still, elastic search is not working.

In addition, i am using ubuntu- .ova in building siem (wazuh)


Failed to start elasticsearch.
Unit elasticsearch.service entered failed state.
elasticksearch.service failed

As it says in the log message, /var/log/elasticsearch/elasticsearch should contain more information about what happened.

Hi, what can I do about it sir?

Please help me

Look in the log Joe pointed to and paste any errors or warnings from that here so we can help.

Here is the screen shot Logs

Please do not post screen shots as they are hard to read and search. Instead copy and paste the log using the tools available. The section you shared does not contain any error so please show the full log.


Could you help me on how can I see the logs that were needed?

Try this command
tail -f /var/log/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.log
from this command's o/p , copy paste the logs here.

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