Failed to tls handshake with logstash


I have a setup in which there are 7 machines with logstash-forwarder connecting to logstash server.

6 of these are RHEL and 1 is debian. I use same certificate on all servers to connect to logstash.

All RHEL machines get connected successfully to logstash whereas there is following error seen while connecting debian machine to logstash:

Failed to tls handshake with X.X.X.X x509: cannot validate certificate for X.X.X.X because it doesn't contain any IP SA

I have logstash-forwarder-0.3.1 on RHEL and logstash-forwarder-0.4.0 on debian.

Is this problem because of different logstash-forwarder version or is it because of debian OS or is there any problem in certificate.

Thanks in advance.