Failing the date epoch_second query


Mapping of the field,

"date": {
"type": "date",
"format": "epoch_second"

{"query": {"range": {"date": {"lt": 1602785608.0}}}}

The same query was working fine with Elasticsearch v6.3, but as soon as I upgraded it with v7.8. It's failing. After doing some research for the breaking changes, I found following,

The epoch_millis and epoch_second formatters no longer support scientific notation.

So, When I verified as below,
{"query": {"range": {"date": {"lt": 1602785608}}}}
It worked.

But the issue is with the NEST. Even though I am trying to send the epoch value as LONG, it converts in DOUBLE and generates "1602785608.0" as giving me the following error,
failed to parse date field [1.602785608E9] with format [epoch_second]

So even though I am giving value as 1602785608 it Elasticsearch get the value as 1602785608.0 and giving me above error.

Let me know If I am not clear enough or need more details.

Any help would be appreciated!


Nevermind, found the issue on our implementation, which converts the number into the double.