Fastest way to restore ElasticSearch snapshot

I have 2 node elasticsearch cluster version 7.4.

  • CPU 32
  • Memory 250G
  • Disk IOPS 50K IOPS (SSD)
  • Heap 32GB
  • Snapshot size 3TB

since its a bigger instance, how to change the config files to restore the snapshot in the fastest way?

You can increase max_restore_bytes_per_sec , indices.recovery.max_bytes_per_sec for example increasing from 40mb to 200mb per seconds to be safe, maybe 500mb and cluster.routing.allocation.node_concurrent_incoming_recoveries from 2 to 5 for example given its SSD. The default values allow not to use too much resources just for recovery / restore which would cause other features to slow down hence those settings can be tuned up and back down as appropriate


it is very useful, so mark this as solved.

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