Feasibility of Geotracking visualization

We have a on-going project to visualize GPS data. So far, we used ElasticSearch and Kibana in AWS, however we have some issues to achieve our goal due to limitations on features of Kibana in AWS such as zoom level.
We would like to realize the visualization by using Elastic Maps Service on Elastic Cloud.
Below is what we would like to achieve:
We have some devices collecting its GPS data. By using Elastic Maps Service, we would like to visualize paths of our devices.
We are thinking to send the GPS data to ElasticSearch from the devices and plot the GPS coordinates on the map in Kibana for each device. Also, in order to identify the plots on the map, we would like to change the color of the plot by each device.
Could you please advise us feasibility of the above idea by using Elastic Maps Service?

This thread may help you

Thanks for sharing thread.
The thread helps a lot for me.
As I mentioned in my post, do you know how much zoom levels we can get closer in Kibana in Elastic Cloud? We would like to make sure the feasibility of displaying a path of the device with the map in the above image level.
If you can help us, that would be great!

I think you can zoom from 0 to 24


Thank you for your quick response!

Right now we have only zoom level below with Kibana in AWS:

If you can show zoom level in the map image in Kibana, that would be appreciated.

Thank you for your help,

I'm not sure what version of the stack you are using on the AWS cloud ?
But the Basic verison of the Stack (On Permise ou on Elastic CLoud) will meet your requirement
Here is an example, i'am dispalying top hist per entity, but just filtering on one entity to view the trejectory on the map

Thank you for your response to our inquiry.

Let us ask one more question regarding the above two images you posted.
What is the zoom level in the map?

Thank you for your help

The zoom level can be seen in the last screen shot in the lower right corner. Its 14.47.

In Amazon AWS, Elastic Maps Service is restricted to zoom level 10. With Elastic's default distribution, which is available from Elastic Cloud, Elastic Maps Service has no restrictions and is available to zoom level 24.

Details can be found at https://www.elastic.co/elastic-maps-service:
"Certain features of the Elastic Maps Service, such as advanced zoom levels, are governed by Basic license and are not available from hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana offerings from third-party providers, such Amazon Elasticsearch Service. See Terms of Service."

Also, here is a link to some documentation, https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/maps-top-hits-aggregation.html, that might be helpful for your use case.

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